Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2007: 305

305. Some clarity about how I can get the kids more involved with helping around the house and what kind of things I want them to do. Ideas to try - better than nothing at all.

304. Found the book I was looking for.

303. Found the receipt that I wasn't even looking for because I thought I threw it out. I need it to return something.

302. A walk with the kids.

Monday, April 23, 2007

2007: 301

301. Green tea.

300. Scrapbooks.

299. Writing letters.

298. Motherhood: how it reminds me over and over again that I NEED GOD.

297. Remembering to take meat out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow.

296. Warms days when I can take the kids out for a walk.

295. Handwashing dishes. How crazy is it for me to think that is a blessing? Oh well!

294. Seeing two kids asleep in the same bed.

293. A date with Paul.

292. Planting some seeds and a few seedlings.

291. Mocha chip ice cream.

290. Goals.

289. A quick, easy dinner that no one had a major complaint about.

288. A late night walk in the rain.

Friday, April 20, 2007

2007: 287

287. Ms. Boo was not injured when she ventured into the street the other day.

288. And neither was Mr. Bug when he tried to cross the street without looking first, then ignored me when I told him to stay put.... because a car was coming.

286. I loved this:
285. Hearing Ms. Boo read.

284. Snuggling with Ms. Bao in my bed this morning. It was like the two of us fit together like the peices of a puzzle.

283. Stephanie.

282. Scrapbook nights with the girls.

281. Getting a handle on things through conversation with Jeana.

280. I have never suffered torture or torment at the hands of my government.

279. Sitting outside on the grass reading my book.

278. The kids can play outside.

277. Advil.

276. It. Got. Warm.

Monday, April 16, 2007

2007: 275

275. Getting Ms. Boo's lessons done today without major incident. She's not "into" them, and after a week off for spring break, she wasn't thrilled about picking up with them again.

274. She even volunteered to do her handwriting lesson (which I hadn't even planned for her to do today. But since she was willing, in a "let's get this out of the way" kind of way, I said GO FOR IT!)

273. Avocados w/ lemon juice and a little salt.

272. Getting the compost started in the back yard.

271. A good, vegetarian dinner that Paul said he liked.

270. Looking at old pictures of my baby.

269. A picture of Ms. Bao making the silliest face next to her adult cousin making a similarly silly face.

268. People who are gracious.

267. Getting all of the kids' clothes put away today.

266. Readily available healthful food.

265. Seedless raspberry preserves.

264. Hot showers.

2007: 263

263. Mexican food.

262. A nap on a Sunday afternoon.

261. Paul being home for spring break.

260. Getting an idea of how to get a grip on life, even if I don't actually have a grip on life yet. Having an idea of how it might work is comforting...

259. My health.

258. The kids' health.

257. Paul's health.

256. A warm house when the weather is cold.

255. The Bible.

254. Our church sanctuary being used to bless people outside of our church.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

2007: 253

253. The night hike.

252. Mr. Bug miraculously keeping his shoes on without one single complaint from the time we left the house until we returned from the hike.

251. Finding salamanders at the state park.

250. Seeing salamander eggs.

249. We all. ALLLLLL! slept until 10 am while we were away on a little mini vacation.

248. Hearing Ms. Bao ask to put on her "badey soup" and then ask if we could go to the pool.

247. Hearing her say "pash" (splash) while making big arm motions as a way of convincing me to take her to the pool.... even though I knew she had absolutely no intention of getting anywhere near the water.

246. The raised-eyebrow, single eye squint that she gave me when I told her that I didn't want her to get burned in her "badey soup."

245. Ms. Bao is still talking about the duck we saw last night on the night hike. When I asked her what color the duck's head was, she hit her head a few times and said "GEEE!" (green.)

244. Snuggling with my Bao baby while she slept next to me in the hotel bed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2007: 243 (4263)

243. Six and a half hours to do my own thing. All. By. My. Self.

242. And I didn't spend any of it window shopping.

241. Reading good books.

240. Learning new words.

239. Learning in general.

238. Finding a new vegetarian recipe that sounds DEE-lite-ful. We'll see if, after I making it tonight, it is as delightful as I am hoping.

237. A haircut in which the stylist spent a whole lot of time drying my hair. It felt so good.

236. I get to love people.

235. Thoughts to be expounded upon.

234. Rain.

233. Free refills.

232. Laughing with my kids.

231. A day out with Ms. Boo.

230. God giving me enough sense not to hurry her up or correct her (unnecessarily) for every. little. thing.

229. Small victories in the area of keeping calm while being frustrated by a whiney child.

228. Asparagus. I love asparagus. I'd marry it if I wasn't already.

227. My husband has done a LOT of laundry this week.

226. And dishes too.

225. The boy says "I'm serious," and I think it is so funny.

Monday, April 09, 2007

2007: 224 (4244)

224. A new bike for Ms. Boo's birthday 20% off, and an extra 15% off with the credit card.

223. Hearing Mr. Bug say he found a "snake bone" while playing in the fossil exhibit at the children's museum.

222. Read the entire Bible in three months. YAHOO!

221. Ms. Bao is chatty, chatty, chatty. It is so fun to listen to her try out new words. Current favorites: money, see ya, go, and (when we tell her we aren't quite ready to go, she says:) in a minute (which sounds like mih mint.

220. And she said Jesus the other night too. I've never heard her say that before!

219. A great Easter Sunday at church.

218. An evening of sitting around with Stephanie drinking coffee and talking Scripture.

217. A great talk on the phone with a fellow blogger. It encouraged me very much.

216. A great Easter Sunday with family.

215. My SIL brought the latest batch of hand-me-downs from her kids.

214. Paul on spring break.

213. My neice preparing for a mission trip.

212. Seeing my nephew while he is on leave from Iraq.

211. And watching him play with Mr. Bug and their cousin Luke... just the "boys."

210. Getting a picture of the cousins together.

209. Ms. Bao with cousin Amie. She loves Amie.

208. My big girl turning six.

207. A fun birthday party for her.

206. Getting a few cards made.

205. Getting a quilt finished.

204. Getting a bunch of the kids' old clothes out of the house and in the hands of someone who can use them.

203. The boy turning four.

202. And a message on the machine for him from Andrea. She called from Georgia just to wish him a happy birthday.

201. The boy stroking my hair during our snuggle time before bed.

200. Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

199. A portrait appointment at the last minute that fits our spring break schedule.

198. The tortoise who came out to see us at the museum today.

197. A composting series run by the solid waste district and the local parks. And a free composter if I go to all three sessions.

196. Breakfast at McD's with the whole family this morning.

195. A big tax return.

194. Getting some photos in order well in advance of my next scrapbooking night.

193. Finishing the cat quilt.

192. Meeting the baby for whom we made the quilt... and his grandma too!

191. Don Henley on the radio.

190. Lots of good 80's tunes lately too.

189. Raw sunflower nuts.

188. With or without honey.

187. The salmon salad at Panera. Y.U.M.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

2007: 186 (4206)

186. Two weeks ago, Mr. Bug, to whom the glass is always half full, got a stomach bug. A few minutes after one of his "incidents" I asked him how he was feeling. His response: "A little great."

185. Dancing with Ms. Bao to the song I Love you Always Forever. Not exactly a song about the love between a mother and child, but when all you can understand is the chorus, then I think it fits.

184. I heard Steve Winwood on the radio this week. Higher Love.

183. Yesterday, Bruce Hornsby's The Way It Is.

182. Puzzles.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2007: 181 (4201)

So, I've been gone a while. Not that I haven't thought of a bunch of things to post here, but life is busy. Anyway, I've probably forgotten a lot of them, but here goes.

181. The Word. The Word. God's Word!

180. A night away.

179. Paid for by my MIL.

178. Time with my SIL.

177. Getting some work done on the quilt my SS class is doing.

176. Getting two gift books done for friends who just had babies.

175. And they like them!

174. While on that overnight, where I accomplished the aforementioned crafting tasks, I also got a massage.

173. Paid for by my husband.

172. Out of his bonus money from work. How sweet is that for him to use his bonus money on me? I'll answer for you... very sweet.

171. Chocolate ice cream from the chest freezer that is so hard it almost breaks your wrist to scoop it out.

170. Said ice cream in a glass, covered in milk so that little ice crystals form on it. Yum.

169. Ms. Bao tells me "yuh you" without being prompted. (I love you.)

168. I love her too! She is talking more and more.

167. The powers that be in the district where Paul coaches are new this year. They have interpreted the contract differently than the previous administration and have decided that Paul should be paid on the salary step that reflects the years he has been coaching there (even though he doesn't teach there anymore.) So, this year, Paul will be on something like step 15 for coaching pay (where he should be) instead of step 4, where he was last year.

166. And they decided to reimburse him the difference in his pay from last year too.

165. Warmer weather.

164. The kids actually played outside yesterday.

163. I made chicken fried steak for Paul's birthday. It's the first time I have ever made that. It came out pretty good... which is what Paul said. It's the first time I've eaten chicken fried steak too, so I needed him to tell me if it was any good.

162. With real mashed potatoes. We don't do that around here much. Okay, at all. They were really good.

161. And he liked the cake we invented too.

160. The steak was on sale this week... just in time for the birthday meal!

159. New online friends.

158. Hanging out with my mentor.

157. Getting a nudge towards doing the ministry God has for me.

156. Milk for $1.50/gallon.

155. And a freezer to put it in.

154. The nice guy at the grocery store who pointed out a really good deal on ground beef.

153. And the lady who gave me the discount on the soap dispenser.

152. Ms. Boo is getting into helping around the house. Yesterday, she swept under the kitchen table for me.

151. And she can do laundry now too.

150. The kids can sort laundry too.

149. Salad.

148. My kids like prunes.